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The GLOBE LUXURIÉ AWARDS 2017 is an initiative of Stimulus Research Services in association with the World of Business magazine to acknowledge and reward the most sought-after premium luxury labels and personalities for their outstanding contribution to the luxury market in recent times. A promising soiree of the glitterati and the crème de la crème of the most admired industry of luxury, the GLOBE LUXURIÉ AWARDS 2017, as part of the luxury summit GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017, will serve the right concoction of novelty and class to its audience.

Celebrating the opulence, splendour and extravagance of the most sought-after luxury experiences in India and UAE (markets that have turned into luxury hotspots for premium brands), the GLOBE LUXURIÉ DÉCODÉ 2017 will unfold a golden chapter, in Dubai, hailing luxury through the GLOBE LUXURIÉ AWARDS 2017.

Before the most discerning set of audience, 101 luxury brands and personalities from different walks of life of the luxury segment will be felicitated for their outstanding contribution towards making luxury the way of life and exploring opulence to its best. One of the four big accounting firms will review that winners are determined on the basis of the evaluation carried out by the panel of Jury and the editorial team of World of Business. It will not only be reviewing the nominations for their innovation and achievements but will also be evaluating their comprehensive excellence in their respective domains.


The Lords of Luxury
The Leading Luxury Labels

A total of 101 awards will be announced to felicitate leading luxury brands and personalities from the luxury segment who have played a significant role in transforming the face of luxury. Their selection will be based on the intense scanning and scrutiny based on research and review processes conducted by Stimulus Research Services, the process reviewer, a Jury panel and the editorial team of World of Business magazine.

Research Objective

To recognise and honour 101 luxury labels and personalities from uber-luxury, luxury and affordable luxury segments by conducting in-depth research and evaluating them oln several market parameters


Phase 1

A list of prominent luxury labels and personalities (having outstanding contribution in the luxury segment) will be prepared by Stimulus Research Services after thorough research using market research tools. Out of the numerous entries received, a total of 150 entries will be shortlisted as nominations by the editorial team of World of Business, the research team of Stimulus Research Services and the process-reviewing team.

Phase 2

The shortlisted entries (nominations) will be evaluated and scored from 1 to 10, where 1 will be the lowest and 10 will be the highest score, by the Jury and the editorial team of World of Business on their discretion.

Once the scores are received from the Jury members, they will be cumulated by the editorial team and passed on to the process reviewer for further evaluation.


50% – Evaluation by the Jury

40% – Evaluation by the editorial team of World of Business

10% – Public perception on social media

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