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Luxury, a never-before-witnessed experience of opulence, is being taken to the next level! Stimulus Research Services takes pride in presenting the GLOBE LUXURIÉ AUCTION 2017―the most exquisite and awe-inspiring auction that invites potential bidders to take possession of priceless articles from across the world.

To be held in the lap of luxury, Dubai, the GLOBE LUXURIÉ AUCTION 2017 will feature a range of items from pre-owned luxury articles to tailor-made luxury items from across borders and present an opportunity to luxury enthusiasts to own the best from the best!

Auction Delights

What can be bid in the auction could be the most precious, never-seen-before, exclusive, pre-owned and exquisitely handcrafted possessions having a rich heritage behind them. The auction will be your gateway to present to the world the most classic, alluring, stunning and delightful articles that you may own and would now like to give to the world a chance to own.

About Articles

The articles on sale will be exquisite pieces from across the world. Factual information about the article offered for sale, such as the name of the artist or maker, a detailed description of the object, the year of its creation, its provenance (history of its ownership) and other pertinent details of the object, will be documented. This information will then be provided exclusively to all potential bidders.

The Bidders

Prospective bidders too will undergo a screening process. After a careful study of industry leaders and trends, bidders will be invited to participate and bid for ownership.

The Auctioneer’s Role

A trained professional will preside over the auction. The auctioneer will initiate the sale of the lot by describing the items and starting the bid. Once the first bid is made, others may offer higher bids. The auctioneer may also place bids on behalf of the absent bidders and determine when the highest bid is made. If the item does not meet its reserve price or there are no bidders, the auctioneer may signify this with a “pass.”

All the property on sale at the auction will be “as is,” meaning the property will be sold with pre-existing faults and imperfections. Potential buyers will be expected to inspect each item carefully before bidding.

Auction Payback

Conducted by specialised professionals, the GLOBE LUXURIÉ AUCTION 2017 by Stimulus Research Services will be a chance to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the luxury market. It will bring together, under one roof, a premium, stellar luxury congregation. Participating in the auction as the owner of an article to be auctioned, or as a bidder, you could benefit by

  • Registering yourself as a participant in the most-coveted international luxury event
  • Immense brand recall, as the article to be bid will be published across several publicity collaterals for print, electronic and online media
  • Being the proud owner of a piece of heritage (as a successful bidder)

The GLOBE LUXURIÉ AUCTION 2017 is an endeavor towards presenting luxury in the most glittering, resplendent and lavish format.

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